I know it's a lot to ask, but would you guys be able to do other webseries as well like Classic Alice and NMTD?


We would definitely be open to it! :) It’s a challenge, but when have we ever backed down from a challenge. (Okay, maybe that one time, but it was a really big dragon.)

Speaking of challenges: to those of you who have sent in requests, we haven’t forgotten you! Believe it or not, even we, with all of our clothes-searching power, are having some trouble locating a similar blazer. Not to worry, though; we’re still looking!

Just to add to what Basia’s saying (so, in other words, Connor here)—I’m actually in the middle of catching up on Nothing Much To Do, and I’ve been loving Classic Alice, so do feel free to send in those requests! And New Adventures of Peter and Wendy or any other web series—we love requests.



I know it's a lot to ask, but would you guys be able to do other webseries as well like Classic Alice and NMTD?

We would definitely be open to it! :) It’s a challenge, but when have we ever backed down from a challenge. (Okay, maybe that one time, but it was a really big dragon.)

Speaking of challenges: to those of you who have sent in requests, we haven’t forgotten you! Believe it or not, even we, with all of our clothes-searching power, are having some trouble locating a similar blazer. Not to worry, though; we’re still looking!




Okay, so there’s so launch party. But Letters to My Character is making is grand debut on Tumblr today.

What the hell is that? you’re thinking. I’m so glad you asked.

Letters to My Character is the brainchild of Tumblr user snowqueenly, developed to be a character development exercise for writers. Focusing on original characters, LTMC intends to help a writer flesh out all of those pesky details that it’s always helpful to know but not necessarily to include in their work. And aren’t letters so much more fun than bullet-point lists? Letters can be things such as

  • apologies
  • congratulations
  • birthday cards
  • love letters

and everything in between! So get to character building, writers, and send in your letters!

This doesn’t have anything to do with fashion, but it’s Basia’s project, so we’re spreading the word!

That’s right! With Frankenstein, MD on the horizon, we’re planning to bring this blog back and make it better than ever. We fell off a little on the Emma Approved train because they kind of started doing our job for us. [pointed looks] But we want to get back into the swing of things! We miss it, and we’re sure you miss our posts, too! (We think.)

We’re going to start combing back through the Emma Approved episodes to see if there’s something we really want to find. Until we decide (and we’re notoriously indecisive), why don’t you send us some requests for what you want to see? :)

We don’t know what you guys saw on Monday, but we’re pretty sure that Harriet was channeling Syfy’s Alice with her outfit. It’s a pretty great look, we have to say, but with a snowstorm slamming the east coast, those of us closer to the Atlantic can’t really rock this look until the snow finally clears. But for those of you who are, like Harriet, in California: go for it!

Harriet’s actual dress is from Lulu’s and rings in right at budget at $49. We also swear that’s the right color; it just looks very different online. (At any rate, it’s the color that the link on the Emma Approved website directed us to, so we’re going to trust it.) We also found another dress for you over at Modcloth for $45.

This outfit, of course, isn’t complete without booties. Harriet’s are from Target for $28. We also found this more cowboy-esque pair, for those of you who are into slouchy boots. They’re from Payless, and they’re on sale right now for $15!

Finally, that adorable watermelon clutch. Harriet’s is from Lulu’s, and it’s $31. If you prefer bags with straps (and we feel you; clutches are so hard to hang on to), we found this other watermelon purse on Amazon for $28.

For those of you in nicer weather, we hope you enjoy the sunshine with Harriet’s precious style. Those of us here on the east coast will hunker down in our homes and watch tomorrow’s episode while the winter weather is howling outside. Until then, DFTBA, seahorses!

We don’t know if you noticed, but Emma (or at least the PembDig team) has started including a link to alternate, more affordable options of their outfits. Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere! We’ve been running this site for a year and, while this makes our lives a bit easier, we’ll still be on the lookout for different options (especially since the options they’re sharing are not always that different in price from the originals).

Moving right along, here’s what we’ve found for Emma’s Episode 26 outfit.

The actual pants she’s wearing come from Lulu’s, and are currently on sale for $31.50. We also found these examples from Charlotte Russe, each for $24.99: black and brown, navy, and black and white.

Moving right on up, we find Emma’s totally awesome blouse and blazer combo. The blouse suggested by PembDig can be found here at Nordstrom for $34.80. We found this chiffon blouse at H&M for $24.95.

(There’s no need to stick with teal - we’d highly recommend a black blouse if that’s more your style! - and both of these blouses are available in different colors.)

We’ve talked blazers in the past (curious? they’re all here for DLBDFL and here at our other blog, Dress Fandom For Less). The ones Pemberley Digital found for us are from Lulu’s ($49) and Amazon ($39.95, not pictured), but we’d recommend checking out Target (pictured, $24.48) if you’re into the faux leather sleeves. If faux leather’s not really your thing, we’d (surprise!) recommend H&M.

First of all, Dayeanne Hutton is gorgeous. Second of all, we’re big fans of the comfy sweater. Given these facts, we found a few that channel our favorite executive assistant, Harriet Smith.

To start with, the second sweater seen here is the actual sweater Dayeanne is wearing in the episode! It’s currently on sale for $43.60 from GentleFawn. Not all of us can pull of an orange sweater, though, so we’ve included the more yellow sweater from H&M ($34.95) on the left and the more tan sweater from Old Navy ($29.97) on the right.

Looking for something a bit funkier? Try these cable knit sweaters from Yes Style. Both the longer sweater on the left and the shorter sweater on the right cost $30.32.

That, dear seahorses, concludes our posts celebrating the end of the hiatus (if you missed them, check out our posts on Emma and Knightley!). Harriet, we love the bangs. A bold move, but it works! As for the rest of you, hang in there. Three days is so much shorter than a whole month. We’ll see you soon.

We mentioned in our last post that we absolutely loved Knightley’s sweater-and-shirt combo. Classic. Comfy. Brent Bailey. What’s not to love? we asked ourselves. The short answer is… nothing, but that’d be a double negative. We’ll stick to this outfit rocks, and Brent Bailey is awesome.

(We have a theory about how Jane Austen must have time traveled to our day, met the man, and decided to create a character in honor of him. He is the perfect Knightley. Seriously.)

Knightley rocks this look in a neutral white and grey, but if you’re a fan of color, let it show! Pullover sweaters and button down shirts are always a good look, and while the sweaters and shirts we’ve found for you today fall under the “grey and white” area, we’re all for letting your fashionista shine. You do you, seahorses. You do you. We’re just here to provide access to some of our favorite PembDig looks at a more reasonable price (and enjoy webshows in the process, of course). 

To start with, we have a few options for shirts. The men’s shirt we found comes from H&M ($39.95). The women’s shirt comes from Old Navy ($24.94).

We found the first grey sweater at Gap for $39.95. The second men’s sweater we found was at H&M ($19.95, far right), and the women’s sweater in the middle comes from Target ($24.99). 

Like we said, we’re all for mixing it up a bit. Maybe you like argyle (Target, $11.98), want to bash a few skulls (ModCloth, $44.99), or add an accent to the collar (Men’s, H&M, $39.95; Women’s, Nordstrom Rack, $34.97). Have fun with it! Fashion isn’t meant to be boring or burdensome, after all.

As for Brent Bailey’s flawless portrayal —well. Mr. Knightley, we’ll see you on Thursday.

Seahorses, we could not be more excited. Emma Approved is back. That’s right. She might not be better than ever, and she’s definitely a bit more fragile than we’ve seen her, but she’s back. And with her comes Mr. Knightley, Harriet, and, of course, a new outfit for us to enjoy. (We loved Knightley’s button-down and sweater combo, too, but more on that later.)

Even in the midst of her professional/emotional breakdown, Emma maintains impeccable fashion taste. Her chevron dress hails from ModCloth ($52.99). The bright blue chevron dress we found comes from Charlotte Russe ($20.49) and is also available in a coral/tan color combination. 

Dresses not your thing? We found a chevron blouse (also from ModCloth) for $30.99, available in both black and blue. The skirt in the middle comes from Ruche for $39.99.

Emma completes her simple outfit with a pale pink belt. While the ModCloth dress she’s wearing comes with the belt, not every chevron dress will do that. We found these two belts from Forever 21 ($3.80) and Etsy (AyeletShachar, $14).

Happy shopping, seahorses, and congratulations. We’ve made it through the hiatus. Mondays are once again exciting!

… or, you know, nerve-wracking. Depends on how you look at it. Either way, we’re glad this hiatus is over and our current favorite web series is calling in the big guns.

Dearest seahorses! We offer our sincerest apologies for our unforeseen hiatus: things got a bit crazy between Connor getting back to the States, Basia finishing off finals/papers, and Christmas/New Year’s/the start of this (our FINAL) semester/publishing the first issue of The Next Post… well, it all added up and things got rather hectic. 

On the bright side: we’re back, we’ve got posts planned, and Emma Approved starts back next Monday! Also, the first blazer we’re showing here is currently on sale for $10. How awesome is that?! It’s from H&M and, we’re sure, very Emma Approved!

Moving on: the second blazer we’ve chosen to put here is from Forever 21 for $29.80. The lighter jean shirt and dress come from Old Navy ($17 and $29.94, respectively). 

Blazers not your thing? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a classy jacket (Amazon, $49.95). Fun and completely unrelated fact about this jacket: we don’t know if you’re Doctor Who fans, but it reminds us a bit of River Song, who, like Emma, has a tendency towards flawless fashion and fabulous hair. 

Happy almost-end-of-hiatus, seahorses! 

… yeah. We can’t wait for it to end, either.




Yes, we’re at it again. The dynamic duo that brought you Dress LBD for Less and Dress Fandom for Less are back and better than ever with a brand new venture: a literary magazine.

The Next Post is a free online literary magazine designed by two Tumblr users for Tumblr users. There’s a reason that our tagline is “A literary magazine on Tumblr, for Tumblr, by Tumblr.” There are so many literary magazines out there, and a lot of literary magazines and publishing companies are reaching out to social media, including Tumblr. However, Tumblr is a supplement for them. They have a following, of course, but their content isn’t geared specifically for Tumblr users. So one day in the shower (where all great ideas seem to come to her), Basia realized that it would be really great for Tumblr users to have a literary magazine of their own. She then did what she always does after great ideas come to her in the shower: she got dressed and shot off a message to Connor, her partner in crime for crazy Tumblr ventures. And so The Next Post was born.

We publish monthly, with issues coming out on the 25th of every month. The issues will be in PDF form, available for download from a free file sharing website. We’ll post links to each issue as it comes out.

As far as submissions go, the submission period runs from the 25th of one month to the 15th of the next month. For example, if we publish an issue on January 25, submissions for the February issue will run from January 25 to February 15. We accept meta posts; short fiction, nonfiction, fanfiction, and flash fiction; photography; comics; and artwork (including fanart). For more information on submissions please see our Submissions Guidelines page.

Note that submissions for the January issue are open now, so feel free to submit!




so we’re putting it to you guys: who inspires you when you’re looking for holiday party attire?




which means it’s time for a Christmas outfit contest! send us your favorite fandom-inspired outfits (create them on Polyvore or however you like, just remember to stay close to budget [$50 for clothes and $75 for shoes]). winners will get featured on our blog, and maybe a cool prize! entries are open until December 23, so get going!

Hello, everyone! We’re so sorry we’ve been MIA lately, but Connor’s still off on her Ireland adventures and pretending to be Harry Potter and Basia is up to her eyeballs in finals work as the end of the semester rolls around. However! Tumblr user yearofthecatkyouru asked us if we could find Emma’s outfit from Episode 13, “Tweetception,” which was just the impetus we needed to kick our butts in gear.

Since Emma’s dress bills tend to run upwards of $100, we went looking for something more towards the $50 mark. We weren’t able to find an exact match (do you know how hard it is to find a black/yellow lace overlay dress?), but here’s what we did come up with for you. The first dress is from our favorite, Modcloth, and is priced a little over budget at $53. The middle dress we found at Macy’s for $48. And the last dress we found at Windsor for around $40.

Since fabulous outfits without accessories are so not Emma Approved, we also went looking for her shoes (which we’re doing now, with a budget of around $75). We found both pairs at DSW: both the peep-toe pair and the close-toe pair are $40. The bag we found at Target for $40 (seems to be the magic number), but we also recommend looking somewhere like Ross or Marshall’s. They often have a huge bag selection, and sometimes they even have designer brands for significantly cheaper than a department store.

The amazing, the awesome, the alluring — Annie Taylor!

Annie might be getting cold feet about her wedding (our theory is that Frank Churchill is behind this. Typical.) — well, anyway, her fashion sense is on point. Granted, we can’t quite afford her dress on our budget, but then, well, that’s why we started this blog in the first place!

Our first options are ModCloth: the blue dress for $49.99, and the magenta dress for $37.99. The third dress comes from Forever 21 ($15.99; you might want to wear a cami under it as it is, in fact, partially see-through). The last dress — on the bottom row there — hails from Target (because we love Target & long sleeve dresses are totally awesome for autumn weather) for $27.99

Dresses not really your thing? Don’t worry; we found this super-cute top from ModCloth for $32.99 and a button down from H&M for $19.95. Both are suitably classy and chic for Annie Taylor’s look!

The two necklaces we’ve shown above are from Etsy. The brass chevron is from paperfacestudio for $32, and the second necklace comes from TaraJacksonJewelry for $33.99. Naturally, there are plenty of similar items both on Etsy and elsewhere (Forever 21 typically has slightly imilar things for a tenth of the price, but we felt that these were more in-line with Ms. Taylor’s style). 

We hope you’re enjoying this web series as much as we are — Emma is one of our favorites, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!