Another day, another sassy Clara video… (seriously, was anybody else blown away by her sass towards Mayor Parker? We know we were. We’re also craving milkshakes for some reason…) and with it, another fun outfit!

Now of course the first thing we’ve put is the actual dress from ModCloth ($47.99). While we were wandering said favorite website, though, we found two more shirt dresses ($49.99 and $44.99) which we loved (the middle one especially, as its title is Strolling the Seashore, which we thought quite fitting for Sanditon). The first dress on the bottom is from Charlotte Russe and is also available in teal; both colors are $24.99. The one in the middle is from Nordstrom Rack (love that place) for $29.97, and can be found in blue here

Our final option here is a button down top, for those of you who want to channel Clara without resorting to dresses. It can be found at Forever 21 for $15.80.

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