Curious about our latest search? Well!  It was… illuminating.

William Darcy. Could there be a more perfect (and yet deeply flawed and at times incredibly oblivious) character? We’ve long since learned to love bowties (thank you, Matt Smith), but Darcy’s wearing of them is in a category by itself — even when it’s Jane!Darcy fake-texting. It’s super important.

We’ve got a few things for the girls among you who want to adapt (and adopt) Darcy’s style. For an Episode 61 look, we’d suggest sticking to William’s choices: a blue button-down and a black, v-neck cardigan (these two are $19.95 each at H&M, but you can find similar items everywhere from Target to J. Crew to what might already be in your closet). If you’re feeling like you want to go a bit more feminine, we’ve found this fabulous blouse from ModCloth for $34.99.

But what if you’ve opted against a tie-neck top, and decided that a regular bowtie is just too stuffy (with respect to both temperature and temperament)? There are plenty of bow necklaces in the world to suit such a need! The first one here is $10 on an Etsy shop calledthewoodlandburrow. The black bow is from another Etsy shop, UrbanClink, and is a fair bit pricier at $39.95. The last one we’ve shown is from Charlotte Russe for $6.

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